Zenith optimedia global ad expenditure forecast

Over the next three years we expect Asia Pacific excluding Japan to grow by an average of Zenith optimedia global ad expenditure forecast Without this extra stimulus, ad expenditure would grow 3. Compared to the static markets of Central Europe, these markets are characterised by high rates of economic growth and a low proportion of advertising to GDP.

Apart from Japan, there are five countries in Asia with developed economies and advanced ad markets that we have called Advanced Asia: Moreover, in the case of media, some have already benefited from the transition to programmatic buying.

The overall confidence in the ad industry is improving with several markets exceeding economic growth expectations, most notably China, the Philippines, Ireland and Argentina.

These economies are growing extremely rapidly as they adopt Western technology and practices, often leap-frogging over superseded technology that has become entrenched in more developed economies, while benefiting from the rapid inflow of funds from investors hoping to tap into this growth.

Japan behaves differently to other markets in Asia. Canada has performed strongly throughout the downturn. Consumer confidence, retail sales, job numbers and house construction are all trending encouragingly upwards. In general, advertisers have built up large cash reserves and — thanks to exceptionally low interest rates in the developed world — are earning very little interest on this cash.

We expect a mediocre 2. Ad spend in Mobile Internet will account for This would clearly depress advertising in the eurozone and its main trading partners, but its impact on global growth should be limited.

During an economic downturn consumers fundamentally reassess their spending habits, partly to save money, and partly as a way of treating themselves to affordable luxuries in times of gloom. Japan behaves differently enough from other markets in Asia to be separated into its own bloc.

Our forecast assumes that GDP continues to slow in the eurozone and the rest of Western Europe towards the end of and the beginning Western Europe is at the centre of the current economic turmoil, and we forecast it to grow by just 2.

ZenithOptimedia For this edition of our advertising forecasts, we decided to look in more detail at the growth rates of different regional blocs, because the regions we usually look at e. Argentina and Brazil are now well out of recession and Zenith forecasts 4.

Marketers have the lessons of the last downturn fresh in their minds, in particular that downturns are a great time to expand market share.

In the US, industrial production and employment growth are on the rise, and foreclosures are down.

ZenithOptimedia forecasts 1% growth in global adspend in 2013

Global ad expenditure forecast to grow 4. Asia Fast-track Asia, which includes China and India, has grown strongly over the past few years and Zenith expects growth to rise at an average of 7.

Inhowever, we expect it to revert to a more typical 1. Currency conversion at average rates. We predict ad expenditure to grow 3. After this one-off stimulus we expect Japanese growth to fall back to 1.

Ad expenditure in North America is much more robust than in Europe. We therefore expect advertisers to invest their cash reserves in competition for market share, and as a way of stimulating extra consumption.

The advertising market has recovered positively since We then expect ad expenditure to grow 5. We forecast just 1. Digital Drivers Overall, Zenith Optimedia highlights that advertisers continue to focus on innovation in communication strategies and invest in data and technology in efforts to transform their relationships with consumers.

Their ad markets have fallen even more sharply than their economies, as local advertisers cut back to reduce losses and preserve cash, and multinationals withdraw budgets to redeploy in more economically healthy regions.

Looking at previous examples of countries defaulting on their debts such as Russia in or Argentina inand the wider regional effects of this default, we estimate that a default in two eurozone countries, coupled with deeper recession in the eurozone and other Western European markets, would bring growth in Western Europe down to Every four years the quadrennial events — the summer Olympics, the European Football Championship and the US Presidential and other elections — provide a reliable boost to the global ad market.

In the absence of these quadrennial effects we expect growth to slip back to a still-respectable 3. Assuming the economy improves by the end of next year, we forecast 2.

ZenithOptimedia Forecasts 9% Global Ad-Spending Jump

Europe The Eurozone is slowly picking up growth. North America now looks decidedly healthier than Western Europe.Zenith predicts global ad expenditure will grow % inreaching US$ billion by the end of the year.

This is percentage points more than we forecast in June. The increase is mainly the result of upgraded forecasts for network TV.

Zenith Optimedia Group Limited T +44 (0)20 mint-body.com Executive summary: Advertising Expenditure Forecasts December ZenithOptimedia predicts global ad expenditure will grow % inreaching US$ billion by the end of the year.

This will be a percentage point improvement on is a. Apr 29,  · Publicis Groupe's ZenithOptimedia predicts global advertising expenditures will grow % inreaching $ billion by the end of the year.

Advertising Expenditure Forecasts June Executive summary Zenith predicts global ad expenditure will grow % inreaching US$ billion by the end of the year.

Our forecast for is percentage points below the forecast we made in March, mainly because ended points higher than expected, creating a tougher. ZenithOptimedia predicts global ad expenditure will grow % inreaching US$ billion by the end of the year.

As has been the case since the economic downturn began inthis growth will be led by developing markets, which we forecast to grow by 8% on average inwhile developed markets grow by just 2%, weighed down by the.

Dec 05,  · ZenithOptimedia predicts global ad expenditure will end this year at US$ billion, % higher than inthen accelerate to US$ billion – a % growth – despite the continuing slowdown in Europe Author: Jon Barnard.

Zenith optimedia global ad expenditure forecast
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