Write a blues song lesson plan

A great place to begin is through a knowledge check: Use the rest of the class time to work individually with your budding blues writers as they compose their tunes.

Research the Blues If teachers wish to integrate research into this lesson, Wall n. Develop an understanding and background of blues music through active listening and viewing. Conduct research on a historical event. Functional Suncatchers Functional Suncatchers This activity shows functions from a different perspective.

Start by playing Write a blues song lesson plan. Blues lyrics, in addition to often following the AAB blues format, frequently tell a story.

Next, identify how the song conforms to the AAB blues format, with the first two lines in the verse being the same and the third, different; the A line presents an issue, while the B line presents the conclusion. Songwriting a Program What if we acted out songs instead of singing them?

Lesson Plans

Connections and Background Information 1 a - Apply existing knowledge to generate new ideas, products, or processes. Where would the line breaks be? Why would blues singers borrow from one another in this fashion? Listed below are topic suggestions for the radio broadcast: Include one or two sentences.

Use appropriate tools strategically. Another option is to have the class share their songs to partners or small groups.

Reason abstractly and quantitatively. If available, students should be encouraged to use both primary and secondary sources when researching the topic of their project. Once the class discussion has been concluded, students should be placed in groups of three to complete a project.

During the discussion, the teacher will emphasis that Marcus Shook is a native Mississippian. The following checklist of blues song elements can serve as a guide for assessing each song: By observing the details of the photographs, what can you determine?


The first line often presents an idea or issue, the second line repeats it perhaps with a slight variationand the third line develops or resolves the idea presented in the first and second lines.

Use your knowledge of your classroom to decide if you want to discuss these as a class, in groups, or with an elbow partner. Give students a few minutes to brainstorm a short story about which to write their own blues song.

Using a handout of the lyrics, play one or both of the videos for the students so they can hear how blues music moves from written to oral in form. As the students read the article, they should respond to the questions on the reading guide.

These materials were originally sent to teachers to promote the film, and their website reposts the accompanying CD containing 15 examples and detailed descriptions of blues songs. Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them. Good starting places for research include: Classroom performances may not be possible in every learning community, but there are many wonderful musicians in your own backyard who perform the blues.

Once those skills are defined, they will be called from a main program and the whole beautiful process of creation will be recorded on a single sheet of paper. Mention that blues songs, like many other songs, conform to standard song structure in some ways while varying in others.

A crucial component of blues music is live performance.

I've Got the Literacy Blues

Sentences that are the same should have the same letter. The students can work independently or with a partner to answer the questions during class.

Typically, a song consists of several verses, and the rhyme scheme and rhythm are usually the same from verse to verse. A student creation might read: Research should consider the following:ReadWriteThink couldn't publish all of this great content without literacy experts to write and review for us.

If you've got lessons plans, videos, activities, or other ideas you'd like to contribute, we'd love to hear from you. Lesson Plan I've Got the Literacy Blues.

Search Search K+ Teacher Reviewed Resources Including Lesson Plans, Worksheets, Apps, & More Students write an original song using music composition software such as Music Time. and turn your emotions with the drop of a well-crafted melody.

A Choctaw Chief and a Spanish Governor: Franchimastabé and Manuel Gayoso de Lemos

Explore the impact that a memorial song can have with a lesson plan that. Lesson: “Let’s Write a Song” Length: hour sessions Adapted From: Children’s Music Portal Article By: student must write the song down on their own notebook paper. (Lingustic) Lesson Plan by Ashley Vice Author.

Lesson 1: How to Write a Blues Song. Schema The first stage in this lesson is to help students create schema or background about blues music. A great place to begin is through a knowledge check: asking students to define blues music.

This Teacher Lesson Guide; Print several Songwriting Worksheets for each group; Give each group several copies of the Songwriting Worksheet. 3) Play a short song for the class that contains a clear chorus that does not change from verse to verse.

4) Challenge the class to identify (and write down) the chorus. Plan and manage activities. Teagarden sings one stanza from the non-blues part of the song as a lead-in to the blues choruses. To play these recordings you must have the RealPlayer software installed on your computer.

I'm going to write me a letter and mail it in the air Continue your study of African American musical traditions with the EDSITEment lesson plan on.

Write a blues song lesson plan
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