Toy retailing in india

Focus on quality Indian consumers pay more and more attention to high-quality products and thus branded articles. Interestingly these products have varied range of traditional Indian toys that are slowly coming back into vogue, courtesy a makeover. Today India has reached a level of Rs. In the future it is expected that these companies will shift towards branded toys as well to stay competitive with international companies.

Across the world the toy Industry is highly fragmented. The Indian toy industry is posed to Rs 13, crore byon account of increasing consumerism and a growing population.

How was toys and games affected by the global recession? Experts suspect that Toy retailing in india accounts for about 50 percent of the market for gifts for people outside the family.

Growth in total toys and games current value sales slows in Growth in total toys and games current value sales in India in was slower than inmainly due to the impact of the new Goods and Services Tax GST and price increases. According to a new report by Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry Assochamthe Indian toy industry is expected to grow at a rate of 30 per cent by Mattel Toys are the largest toy manufacturers in the world.

These days different toys are recommended for different age groups. Toys and games which are available in India include soft toys, computer games, dolls, electronic games, etc.

Track key industry trends, opportunities and threats.

Toys and Games in India

Consumers have increasing access to the internet and online retailers often have better merchandise in terms of variety, new launches and the offer of branded toys. Presents make up a significant share of toy sales. For many decades in India the small town had thrived on the earnings of the making of toys.

Inform your marketing, brand, strategy and market development, sales and supply functions. The toy manufacturers also blame the mindsets of Indian parents who are reluctant to spend on toys.

Internet retailing gains ground in toys and games distribution Internet retailing continued to make value share gains at the expense of other channels in the Indian toys and games market in India has 35 - 40 crores manufacturing base out of which Delhi especially Noida rules 30 crore of markets and Mumbai rules the other 10 crore market.

Current value growth was also restricted by the limited capacity of small domestic manufacturers to invest in equipment, marketing activities and innovation.

This has forced several local manufacturers to stop production and import and hawk Chinese toys. India has been ranked 8th and UK is ranked 1st for the Toy Industry in the world.

Thus children between one and five years usually amuse themselves with stackers, while pre-schoolers can take their first steps towards accounts with the help of a colorful abacus.

Capitalizing more on the knowledge and skill of the artisans the after studying market trends, and the NGO has developed a brand of wooden educational toys called Moogli toys. This was stated at the recently concluded Indo-German exhibition on toysKids India, here in Mumbai.

Internet retailing is an important distribution channel due to several reasons. The four large players who have global operations namely Mattel, Lego, Hasbro, and Bandai. Today Indian entrepreneurs have great opportunities to produce toys for the children in the country as they are moulded with tradition and culture.

As Indian market is highly price sensitive, the reduction in prices of the products would contribute to increase in the sales.In recent years, cities like Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune have become the most important manufacturing sites of the Indian toy industry.

Among the local manufacturers in India about 59 % are still focusing on the production of cheap and unbranded toys which appeals to the price-sensitive Indian consumers. Internet retailing gains ground in toys and games distribution.

Internet retailing continued to make value share gains at the expense of other channels in the Indian toys and games market in Gains for internet retailing were supported by the channel’s strong performance in video games and the activities of major online retailers. Penetration of organized retailing is a low 8% in India.

When seen in the context of geographical spread, the absence is starker.

Whither Indian toy retail?

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Lack of enough retail avenues in the country is proving to be one the biggest roadblocks in the growth of the toy segment in India.

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The cr toy market is grappling for space to showcase their wares. India has been ranked 8th and UK is ranked 1st for the Toy Industry in the world. An average Indian kid today spends Rs on a toy, UK kid spends Rs $( Rs). Funskool has .

Toy retailing in india
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