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As a result, we will tell a whlte lie to get rid of other people desires.

The truths can be changed and there is no person who says "I have never told a lie". While Viorst admits to occasionally telling this k First of all, it is sometimes better to lie than to tell the truth so that we do not hurt others.

Sometimes we will get confused because of the hardness of the life. Moreover, there are many researchs about telling a lie to the students. From all of these, we can understand that as a teacher, we can motivate students by telling a lie.

Naturally, if they want to be understanding, they will have to tell a lie. For example, our partner has given a gift to us. Other teachers think that this student has no intention to study hard.

You can tell a little lie like "I heard that the germs of SARS comes from the dark place like cinema, theatre, etc This words which comes from our mouth will impress the attention of this student to courses.

The first type of lie discussed was the social lie. With telling a lie we can manage our relationship and keep the friendship. She acknowledges that she cannot decide whether lying is wrong, or right. We all accept our own truths in our own worlds. Imagine again that you are teacher, and there is a student who is unsuccessful.

For example, imagine that you are going to have a meal at your close friend house in one evening.

There are many ways to tell a lie in some events, and telling a lie is more profitable than telling the truth. The partnership always needs respect and mutual understanding respectiveness. We should go to the cafe to taste the pleasure of the sunny day.

These are described as lies told in order to avoid causing unintentional harm to another person. In brief, people can make other people by telling a white lie instead of breaking their heart.

What would you do? As Viorst points out, in our culture lying is generally considered a morally questionable act. In most of the incidents, people in fact do not understand that they tell a lie.

Everyone tells social lies, most of the time this lie is used when one does not want to go to an event so they lie and say they have something previously planned that they forgot about. The other example is that you can motivate somebody by telling a lie instead of hurting.

However, certain social norms, such as politeness and even compassion, require us to lie as we do not want to be rude cruel or damage our relationship. I feel not good, but on Friday, I am available to go out".

However, lies are not very harmful or serious problems.

These four types of lies are social lies, peace-keeping lies, protective lies, and trust-keeping lies. Instead you want to go open air cafe or place.The Truth About Lying by Judith Viorst.

4 Pages Words March Saved essays Save your essays here so you can locate them quickly! IS IT WORTH TO TELL A LIE? Lies are so common place, they almost seem like the truth.

Actually, it seems like a truth to the eye of the liar because liar’s world accepts it as a truth. We all accept our own truths in our own worlds.

However, lies are not very harmful or serious problems. In addition to this, telling a lie is sometimes. Clearly, lying is an issue worth examining, as many people believe it is a bigger problem in today’s world than it has ever been.

In comparison with Voirst’s essay, “The Truth About Lying,” I found that through a bunch of my research, that. Truth is Truth, Lying is Lying Judith Viorst describes in her essay “The Truth about Lying,” a very interesting and intellectual author has made a great exertion to try to present four different kinds of lies people tell in their daily life.

She has separated them into four sub-groups: Social Lies, Peace-Keeping Lies, and Protective Lies, and Trust. To pinpoint how people stretch the truth from time to time and the potential fallout from it, learn the six most common ways that people mislead.

Deception Points.

Most lies aren’t meant to be hurtful to others; rather, they’re meant to help the one doing the fibbing. The Truth About Lying. The essay, "The Truth About Lying- written by Judith Viorst, is a very interesting and an intelligent bit of work.

The author has made a great effort in trying to present the different things people lie about in their daily life. She has divided them into four sub-groups and uses headings to /5(5).

The truth about lying essay
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