The study of hostage drama in quirino grandstand

Its Security Bureau formed a taskforce, and sent officers to Manila to assist the hostage rescue efforts.

Quirino Grandstand Hostage Drama Essay Paper

Philippines on August I still find it hard to comprehend why the cops hesitated to shoot Mendoza. If the Philippines adopted the No-negotiating-with-terrorists policy, would it make hostage situations easier to deal?

Apart from the demand to set up the most effectual post-incident intercessions for single sureties and their households. Among none of them did it look to hold occurred to that irresponsible coverage of the event could be lives. Manila Police District director Rodolfo Magtibay [] said that Mayor Lim, as head of the crisis management committee, gave the order to arrest Gregorio Mendoza [] — a move which caused distress in the gunman and allegedly triggered him to shoot the hostages.

Incident Investigation and Review Committee. Seventeen people remained on the bus. In Hong Kong, there was concern about anti-Filipino sentiments.

He said that he had been summarily and below the belt dismissed. He urged Mendoza to surrender peacefully, saying, "Nothing [bad] will happen here.

The door of a bus is designed to withstand 50Gs of instantaneous force or more.

Better ending for Quirino Grandstand Hostage Crisis Essay

Nobody knew about it. At around the same time, it was reported that snipers had shot the tires immobilizing the bus after it had attempted to move. In this sort of state of affairs it is really unsafe occupation for the media because he has to set himself in a topographic point that should be right.

Mendoza said he was summarily dismissed without the chance to decently support himself. Too much media coverage. We are in the fact that a media individual serve as entree of information of issues that are of public concern even if they are at hazard. Teargas concentrates can kill hostages and hostage takers alike.

This may not be the worst hostage crisis in history but with the involvement of foreigners, this incident has what it takes to call the attention of the international community.

Charges be filed against several personalities but the recommendation was revised when it reached Malacanang.

Towards the eventide of the surety taking.Wikimedia Commons has media related to Manila hostage crisis. First Report of the INCIDENT INVESTIGATION and REVIEW COMMITTEE on the August, 23, Rizal Park Hostage-taking Incident Official Statement of President Aquino on the August 23, hostage-taking incident at the Quirino Grandstand.

Aug 23,  · Quirino Grandstand Hostage Taking Analysis - What Went Wrong Monday, August 23, Here's a short rundown of the things that went wrong over the course of the hostage taking drama that took place at Quirino Grandstand. 1. Firearms were used to take out the wheels of the bus.

if we don't know and acknowledge what went wrong Author: REDKINOKO.

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Manila hostage crisis

BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY. It was August 23, when the whole world alarmed in one of the most tragic hostage taking happened in Quirino Grandstand. Better ending for Quirino Grandstand Hostage Crisis Sure, they were responsible for informing the masses about the progress of the hostage drama, but they also kept Mendoza updated in the process.

A news blackout would’ve helped control this situation, but it’s .

The study of hostage drama in quirino grandstand
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