Oobleck lesson plan

Questions may include how it is made, what happens when heated, or what the definition of non-Newtonian is. With your eyes only, I want you to talk at your tables about what state of matter you think it is. Check in with each group to make sure that all members are contributing to the list of properties.

Drop your hands quickly into the Oobleck, then slowly lower your hands into it. At the end of the lesson read the rest of the story to the students to show them the way that Dr.

If students make their own Oobleck, explain how to mix the cornstarch, water and food coloring by reading the instruction sheet to your students and pointing out the different materials and equipment that they will receive on their tray.

Assumes the shaped of the container, which it occupies. Focus on the main and minor characters. Allow the students to engage in a conversation about liquids and solids and give examples.

What state of matter is snow? Once they have brainstormed a list of solutions, each group should choose the one they like best and defend it to the rest of the class. Pick up the bag, by the top. In this lesson, students will work on problem solving skills as they relate to story events.

Do the same for the cup containing the solid. Assessment No formal assessment. Independent working time Pass out the writing sheets. Once each team has their list of properties, have all students wash their hands and gather on the carpet or another area away from the Oobleck.

Ooey Gooey Oobleck

Tell students that they will explore Oobleck with all their senses except tasting it and are charged with observing as many properties as possible. Students can use the text as well as the illustrations to make their assumptions.

How will the king solve the problem of the oobleck? Ask students to respond to the following prompt in their science notebook: How do you know? Have some students share out their ideas.

This is a perfect lesson for cross-curricula. Ask "How is this different than a solid? Once you make a few comparisons to the story characters, then you can discuss with students motivators in their lives such as: Then they can draw an illustration to go with it.

Review and closing 5 minutes Review and close by asking students review questions about the experiments you performed with the oobleck. They may take the Oobleck home in a Ziploc baggy, properly marked with their name or put the Oobleck on the table for the teacher to discard.

Students should write the emotion, the character who felt this way, and why he or she experienced this emotion in the story. Seuss chose to solve the problem. What are the different types of matter? If you notice someone else reaching for it, let them have it, and everyone will get a turn.

What state of matter is fog? Who can tell me one of the characteristics of a solid and then a liquid? Ask them what properties liquids have. Also use different objects to discover what would be more useful. Once the characteristics, attributes, or principals of solids and liquids are listed, discussed then the teacher can ask the students to move to the tables where the solids and liquids will be located.

What is happening when you release the pressure? Take the ooblek from the ice bath and observe any changes through sight and feel. Have each team share out one property of Oobleck.

Investigating Matter, Solid or Liquid: Barthlomew and the Oobleck

Now test Oobeck with some of those ways. If the room has carpet, you want to put newspapers on the floor under the edge of the tables. At the tables there is a Ziploc bag of Oobleck.

The teacher will ask the students how could something be a solid and a liquid at the same time?Find oobleck lesson plans and teaching resources. From bartholomew and the oobleck worksheets to spacecraft design oobleck videos, quickly find teacher-reviewed educational resources.

Lesson Plan Form- Oobleck - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

Making Oobleck: A FREE Science Lesson for Preschool or Kindergarten

This current lesson allows for experimenting with a non-Newtonian fluid, (Oobleck). The students will make their own predictions, conclusions on whether Oobleck is a solid or liquid by using focus observations, conducting focus explorations, raise questions, clarify questions and make conclusions about Oobleck.

This Oobleck Lesson Plan is suitable for 2nd - 4th Grade. Here is a good instructional activity which aptly describes how to do the classic "Oobleck" lab with your young scientists.

Unfortunately, the "Oobleck Investigation Sheet" in the plan doesn't open. Dr. Seuss's Bartholomew and The Oobleck is a wonderful look at the perils of getting what you think you want, a great lesson for children to learn at an early age.

It's a Solid... It's a Liquid... It's Oobleck!

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Oobleck lesson plan
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