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Milton is also recognized as a major figure in the history of ideas, one whose thoughts on self-determination and unlicensed printing touched later generations and helped form opinion in Britain and abroad.

As a noted defender of the regicides, he was under arrest for a brief period, but the intercession of friends in better standing with the Crown, notably the poet Andrew Marvell, spared him serious peril.

Ranked in the same echelons as Shakespeare and Chaucer, Milton today is considered a master of his art and a literary craftsman of the highest order.

Critical Reception Milton is the subject of more scholarship and criticism than any other English author save Shakespeare and possibly Chaucer. A staunch Puritan who feared the tyranny of episcopacy, Milton sought to insure definite boundaries between church and state.

In Milton published Areopagiticaa plea for unlicensed printing in England.

John Milton Milton, John (Literary Criticism (1400-1800)) - Essay

Milton had a superior education that stressed the classics, music, and foreign languages. Milton also wrote studies not prompted by strictly political or religious concerns. Andrew Marvell, for example, allied himself closely with Milton, defending him against detractors at the Restoration. Milton believed that Scripture, not the Church hierarchy, was the true source of authority.

Milton also published in the same year his controversial Eikonklastesa harsh indictment of Charles I in response to the publication of the Eikon Basilike, the emotionally charged posthumously published ghost-written prison memoirs of Charles I which portrayed the executed king as a saint and martyr.

Here, drawing no doubt on his own experience as a student and teacher, Milton petitioned for the creation of an elite class through the careful instruction of boys in small regional academies.

Eliot, for one, attacked the Milton canon, ranking Milton far below John Donne. His views were not popular and were opposed in print, leading him publish a much-enlarged version of his essay in and to write three further pamphlets on the subject: He portrays a heroic villain by Satan, though he is the most likeable character in this epic.

Milton is regarded as one of the preeminent writers in the English language and as a thinker of world importance. So, giving respect to the creator is not shameful at all. His second wife, Katherine Woodcock, whom he wed indied sixteen months after their marriage.

Freewill is a very important word in Christianity as well as bible, for which all the things are happening one by one gradually.

Criticism on Milton's Paradise Lost

This view constituted a complete about-face for Milton, who had written as a good monarchist in his early antiprelactical tracts. For the next twenty years Milton remained a political activist, but often shifted his political alliances to remain true to his first principle—an unwavering defense of personal liberty.

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Lost miltons papers paradise research
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