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The Great War was viewed by about a fifth of the adult population in Britain and the production of documentaries on the war has continued ever since.

Lions Led by Donkeys - Assignment Example

Although there compelling evidence saying that the generals were not up for the task there is also convincing evidence that they were doing there utmost to win the war under extreme and difficult conditions with the lack of resources needed. We should have no chance if they possessed as much science as their officers and men had of courage and bravery.

This could be true to a certain extent but it also depends on how well trained and skilled soldiers are and how they approach the enemy lines. This tells us that the generals knew that is was a war in which they were fighting both the Germans and the British public for the reason that once the public knew about it they would demand the surrender of Britain, therefore loosing the war.

The change from fighting a highly inferior army and the tactics he watched his superiors use and succeed in using were all he had to go by when faced by an equal if not superior army of the Germans. Even the Somme and Passchendaelebattles that have become by-words for murderous futility, not only had sensible strategic rationales but qualified lions led by donkeys essay writer British strategic successes, not least in the amount of attritional damage they inflicted on the Germans.

Lions Led by Donkeys

Haig is believed by some to be an uncaring or callous general. After assessing this evidence he discovered the generals were in fact trapped and had only one choice which mattered, ether the loss of life or looses the war. Trench warfare was a new kind of fighting which Haig and other generals did not adjust into as they did not know how to cope with it and unaware of other ways they could have used that may have been less costly in lives.

The relief of the land was fairly flat with some low points near rivers. They focus on the fact that Haig did not deserve his position and military progress was due to circumstances Haig found himself in.

By the end of the battle, the attackers had advanced 13km eight miles - a phenomenal distance by Great War standards. This held his strong likening to the use of cavalry in the war. He was aware that attacks were costly but believed there was no way of avoiding losses in life which was true.

There are many reasons why the generals cannot be blamed, although there are a couple of reasons why this could be true. This shows that he is set in his ways and will sacrifices any amount of soldiers to save his country illustrating that Haig was extremely narrow minded and once again contradicting the reason for him to have been placed in control of the army.

Haig lived in a quiet countryside, behind the front line. Generals were under a lot of pressure. Warfare still looked back to the age of Napoleon. I believe this source is quite reliable since the article was issued in The Daily Mail and again after the following years, this shows that the Western front war is important to people lives.

Generals were uncaring and withdrawn. It suggests that soldiers fighting in the World War were brave and courageous as he refers to them as lions.

Lions led by donkeys - Assignment Example

But there is another interpretation. There was a lot of bitterness and recentness towards the generals especially towards Haig.

Lions led by donkeys

The casualty list - one million British Empire dead - and the bloody stalemate of the Western Front seem to add credence to this version of events. I believe instead of there just being the one statue of General Haig there should still be his but around it statues of ordinary soldiers too so it shows fellowship and co operation between a general and his troops.

And some say that statues are not made of donkeys but of respectable people.

Lion Led by Donkeys Essay Sample

Many popular books, films and television programmes echo this belief. In he went to Sandhurst, the Royal Military College and the following year commissioned into the 7th Hussars.To conclude, the statement ‘Lions led by donkeys’ is an inaccurate assessment of the British army on the front line in WW1, as England did eventually win.

And, the generals cannot be blamed for the stalemate. Lions Led By Donkeys Ever since the end of WW1 in which was won by the British allies against the Germans it, has been hugely debated whether the famous.

Lions Led by Donkeys - Assignment Example On In Assignment Sample Although the bravery of the soldiers of the First World War has never been doubted the leadership of there generals has been constantly under attack up to present day.

World War One comes under much criticism when it comes to the politics at home and the way in which the war was led. This essay will look at how the British government (known as the "donkeys" in the interpretation) led British soldiers (known as the "lions" in the.

Mar 10,  · It was led by men who, if not military geniuses, were at least thoroughly competent commanders. The victory in was the payoff. The 'lions led by. "Lions led by donkeys" is a phrase popularly used to describe the British infantry of the First World War and to blame the generals who led them.

The contention is that the brave soldiers (lions) were sent to their deaths by incompetent and indifferent leaders (donkeys).

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Lions led by donkeys essay writer
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