Intel branding strategy case

Moreover, the campaign powerfully in reinforcing on two key associations: As Intel is the leader and the best microprocessor supplier. The display Intel was planning was so elaborate that we actually had to work out a deal so they could occupy the same exhibit space they would be using at another show taking place a month and a half earlier.

When Intel broadens its focus to other platforms—not just the microprocessor, the new campaign and new logo is need for better reflecting this change. Since the customers had just familiar with the name and a favorable perception Intel branding strategy case association have been well connected the Pentium.

Obviously, consumer looked for the Intel symbol in making their personal computer selection as a pull effect that adds both intangible brand equity and tangible sales value to Intel. As they evolve as a company, it makes sense to evolve the brand supporting with the new compaign. Intel conducted extensive search and employee contest for having the right name which is trademarkable and linguistically correct for its 5th generation of microprocessor.

On the other hand, the company might use the number following the name Pentium. Given its leading position in the world, we believe Intel can negotiate with big communication corporations, household appliance companies like Samsung, Sharp, Philips, Panasonic for different profitable co-operation or membership programs.

However, the company reducing its threat and increasing its opportunity by vertical or horizontal integration or acquisition of its competitors or channel members etc. Through skillful extending together with the support of extensive well planned promotion efforts, cautious branding strategy and the huge advertising investment, the premium brand image and position of Intel Pentium has been successfully created and conveyed the positive attributes and preference as well as the Intel branding strategy case association with quality, state-of-art technology, software compatibility and performance which is the OEMs customers wanted to be associated with as well.

What other marketing strategies might the company employ? While it is easy and natural to crave consistency and avoid risk, the changing nature of life and our environment requires us to change, to adapt, and to take chances in order to survive.

Intel developed a series of presentations to keep customers informed of the naming process and product introduction as way of asking for help and understanding before launching but without disclosing the actual name.

More, I had the sense that Intel was at the center of the product offerings of so many other companies. It brings a sound return to the company and its stakeholders as well.

Not helping the situation was the rising price of manufacturing the actual microprocessor chips and the cost of building new wafer fabrication facilities. Should the company consider changing the name of the next processor in the Pentium line?

Case Study: “Intel Inside” campaign by Intel

He is a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center. To continue build up its brand equity, maintaining its leading position and fully utilization of its technological potential and advantages, it is a must for Intel to act in this way respond quickly and deliver a product portfolio that meets the needs of the changing market.

If fail, on the other hand, it will create a burden to the company. It is a long term planning for bring Intel move to other potential business and in more globalize way and stabilize its leader position in this diversification path. In fact, Intel had made the right decision by extending the name through the Pentium processor.

Recognized naming process as a major strategic move, Carter took great care by appointed Karen to manage it prudently. Intel captured the critical influencers who attended the trade show, including the media, retailers, and Wall Street. The figures today would reflect the same trend and creates a great opportunity for Intel to use their band equity from the computer market and translate that into the cell phone and PDA.

In fact, instead of only focusing in microprocessor computer industry, the company now broadens its product range into other industry, such as, communication, household appliance industry and entertainment communication etc. However, not all the OEMs, especially the first and second tier, were agreed and appreciated with such cooperation program would be greatly affect the penetration of Intel in the market and affect their market share.

In addition, the technology company used unique and technologically advanced advertisement campaigns, such as the measles ad, Star Wars commercials, and an audio jingle that they attached to all of their advertising and branding campaigns which helped to create a familiarity among consumers and set the company apart from other competitors.

What do you think?

What recommendations would you make for the future? Intel may partner with first tier of the communication companies, this collaboration could lead to more innovation from the two companies and building products that the two companies can get out ahead of the competition on the emerging segment of Intel branding strategy case and entertainment devices or others etc.

The CEO would not only convey factual information about the company and its products, but also leave every audience member impressed by the importance and future of Intel. Was the Intel Inside campaign worth it? It is a global trend which creates a pull and push effect for Intel to broaden its focus to entire platforms not just the microprocessor in such highly competitive arena.

The technology giant had already established a reputation as a quality brand throughout the technology world, however, their aim was to spread awareness and create a positive image for themselves in the public eye.

By using an amazing multimedia cascading exhibit, Intel managed to convey to me and others that Intel was way ahead of almost everyone else. Evaluate the Pentium family of processors. Instead of only focusing in microprocessor computer industry, we highly recommend the company should broaden its product range into other potential industry, such as, communication, household appliance industry and entertainment communication etc.

The Intel, on the other hand, proved much more successful in educating the consumer on the specific product attributes associated with the Intel processor and created a favorable association and positive perception for consumers that they look for Intel inside their PC when making selection.

The growing importance of the Internet and webpage, E co-operation strategy with the main search engines can be considered to promote its product and its new technology as support to its new campaign to raise its awareness of the new product line.Intel brand strategy If you want to get access to Intel brand strategy analysis including brand essence, brand values, brand character, brand archetype and expert commentary register or log in.

To see an example of a full brand strategy analysis, click. Intel’s ambitious new brand strategy is no chip shot. Primarily known since the s as “the computer inside,” the microprocessor manufacturer aims to break out of the box with a campaign that “stops focusing on where we are and starts focusing on why we are,” said Penny Baldwin, VP and.

Intel Inside case ppt MS_07 1. 2.

Intel Branding Strategy Case

Only about 9% of all companies make use of sound to make their brands more distinct, recognizable and memorable. Case Study: “Intel Inside” campaign by Intel Initially the motivation behind the branding of Intel Inside was to establish the company by name and identify the high performance products that were used inside the computer with the company.

Career Page to establish Employer Brand Intel also has a dynamic career page on LinkedIn which formed an integral part of their employer branding strategy. Today, talent on LinkedIn is not only interacting with each Intel-Case-Study-Design Author: DDW 03 Created Date.

Under the new branding strategy, Intel was established as a brand, a reliable and premium brand, ably transferring the equity of “” and “” microprocessor to Intel, the company and to distinguish Intel products and to communicate the depth of Intel as a corporation with respect to its competitors as well.

Intel branding strategy case
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