How does the nature of god relate to mission

His love is displayed by His actions. The fruit of discipleship is a mature believer who is a shining light in the world which illuminates the glory of God and His coming kingdom.

This is further seen in Matthew From the outside, everyone is happy, successful in their work and secure in their marriages. What this should stir Christians to understand is that the person and work of Jesus Christ is the hermeneutical key to the text of both Testaments.

It is interesting to note at Mount Sinai before giving the gift of the Ten Commandments, God reminds them how He brought them out of the bondage of Egypt Ex. The Greatness of the Kingdom. It is understood throughout Scripture that the end result of Missio Dei will be the glorification of the Trinity.

Moreover, there are different relationship aspects of the people who carry out missions. Mission Theology has many relationships.

Communicating this is not easy. They will follow the admonition to seek heavenly treasure cf. Two of these consequences are particularly relevant here. But in Genesis chapter three that relationship is suddenly severed. Rather, the missional nature of the Bible and the fact that human history is unfolding in a way that will conclude with the end times should inspire Christians to take up the missions challenge and go to the farthest reaches of the world to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

As believers mature, missionaries are sent, and churches are established, the mission of God will continue looking forward to the coming kingdom. Christian volunteers working in our local hostel are not allowed to talk about their faith with the homeless people they serve.

That process continues though Abraham and the nation of Israel in Egypt. The goal for all believers is to be conformed to the image of Christ cf. All members of the church are to be unified and working for the Lord in all they do cf. The birth of the church at Pentecost cf. These are those whom are sent forth and although all Christians have an obligation, as seen in the Great Commission verses.

Lastly, there are the Christians themselves. Because they were Gentile, they were not as hindered to concentrate on cross-cultural missions as the Jewish church at Jerusalem. So I wish to simultaneously affirm that authentic Christian mission is an engagement in spiritual warfare, and also to deny the relevance of much writing on the subject.

In this passage, God declares that the nation of Israel was to be a holy nation and a kingdom of priests.

Most scholars would agree that this would simply be poor biblical hermeneutics. This means that there will at times be conflicting agendas as different partners focus on specific issues within the overarching mission of God.

From Genesis Chapter Twelve through the remainder of the Old Testament, this chosen nation is in focus. They are driven out of the Garden of Eden, and a curse is placed on the earth.

Tyndale House Publishers, The lack of focus was most likely due to Jewish cultural barriers. Being light, God is concerned that men understand the way of life so they may avoid the way of destruction. However, that is contrary to the nature of God in missions.

Love will motivate them to seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness cf. The end of this story, displays a further clarification of the promise made in the garden.

In the New Testament, God incarnate and his disciples were to spread the new covenant and gospel to all nations that they are to repent and receive Christ finished work by faith. He is the King and inseparable from His kingdom.

There are some characteristics of God that are shared by man, and in this sense, man is created in the image of God.Being light, God is concerned that men understand the way of life so they may avoid the way of destruction.

The spiritual aspect of God’s nature (cf. John ) points to His transcendence. He is outside all created things. The very act of creation displays His outgoing nature. “God is not a. It is from this sending that we get the Latin term misseo Dei which means “the sending God”.

[1] The central idea here is that God is the one who initiates and sustains mission.

This term refutes the idea that the church is the center of mission and is, at best, God’s partner in accomplishing His goals. New dictionary of biblical theology (electronic ed.). Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press. 2 missions, secondly, there will be a discussion concerning how does the nature of God relate to mission, thirdly, this paper will examine how does mission theology relate to two other aspects of theology, namely, Ecclesiology and Pneumatology.

The Old Testament and Missions Don Fanning Liberty University, [email protected] God’s Heart for Mission in the OT Page | 1 Dr. Don Fanning ICST Theology of Missions Mission is rooted in the nature of God, who sends and saves.

When Adam and Eve. The existence of relevant Old and New Testament texts related to mission and how the nature of God relates to mission will be emphasized. Mission theology and its relation to other aspects of theology, and the key themes and motifs of mission theology will be discussed.

An explanation of the relation of mission theology to a missionary, to. Mission Theology and Other Aspects of Theology. is necessary to understanding God’s mission for Israel for the blessing of all nations.

the kingdom of God, the nature of the glorified body, and the eternal destiny of mankind. [6] Eschatological material abounds throughout the Old Testament. This is especially so if one considers all.

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How does the nature of god relate to mission
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