Evolution of competencies of logistics and

Earlier, Paul was the Executive Chairman of Bio-Link, a privately-owned biotechnology business development company with offices in Melbourne and Sydney. During this time she was also involved in a number of studies evaluating strategies to improve linkage to HIV and TB care following diagnosis.

Distribution of products, HF For the next two years, she studied at the University of Grenoble preparing for a diploma in accounting and finance DECF. Her doctoral research focused upon the development and evaluation of next generation sequencing technologies for drug-resistant TB diagnosis.

Inthe family returned to France and Valerie spent the next five years working as an administrative and accounting assistant in a French Fiduciary in Annemasse. She spent a few years doing research on the molecular epidemiology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in regions of Southern Africa while at Stellenbosch University, Cape Town, South Africa.

Inshe moved with her family to Hong-Kong and three years later to Massachusetts where she raised her two children. Elisa holds a PhD in molecular biology and a Master in medical biology from The University of Geneva Medical School and has a certification in project management. Evolution of competencies of logistics and supply chain managers By Abstract One new concept emerging in current business reality is a virtual supply chain.

Kelemework has experience in tuberculosis research and has published several articles in peer-reviewed journals. Before this, he was the business development manager for the Australian immunodiagnostics company Cellabs, which has a range of infectious disease tests.

Scientific Officer Audrey joined the FIND malaria programme in to support the coordination of the malaria rapid diagnostic test RDT evaluation programme, as well as to update and disseminate RDT training materials for malaria. Research was be based on a survey, conducted in and aiming at identification of skills and qualifications of logistics personnel in average Polish companies.

Following her PhD, Camille joined the Laboratory for Urgent Biological Threats at the Institut Pasteur as coordinator of the human virology activities of the MediLabSecure project, a European project aiming at creating a laboratory network focusing on emerging viruses in the Mediterranean region.

Scientific Officer Dr Camille Escadafal trained as a biochemistry engineer at the INSA Toulouse, France and worked 3 years as a research engineer at the Pasteur Institute in Senegal where she was in charge of developing and standardizing diagnostic techniques for arboviral infections.

Under his mentorship, the laboratory received ISO accreditation from SANAS in Julybecoming the first internationally accredited laboratory in the central African sub-region.

In that sense the quality of human resources, connected to logistics operations and management, has been examined from the point of view of the directions of required changes in the area of adequate qualifications and competencies for efficient management of virtual supply chains.

She led several studies on RDT availability and transport and storage conditions in malaria endemic countries, and contributed to the development of a safe and easy to use RDT blood transfer device.

Evolution of Logistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Her work has included research in rotavirus vaccine effectiveness with partners in Bangladesh and Zambia; coordinating partner selection and designing a stability testing program for the development of a new rotavirus vaccine in the US; supporting field lab logistics and health systems strengthening activities during the Ebola Outbreak in Sierra Leone; and managingclinical trials on HIV treatment and prevention in Uganda.

Isra has been involved in different epidemiological assessments and outbreak investigations, most of them in collaboration with the WHO NTD programme, as well as in training activities and methodology transfer.

His research concentrated on the design and implementation of molecular tools to address diagnostic challenges and contributed to resolving epidemiological questions related to leishmaniasis. He recently worked in New York as a logistics advisor and in Paris as a project coordinator for international humanitarian organizations.

Audrey later moved to the Other Neglected Diseases programme and is currently managing several projects for Leishmaniasis test of cure for visceral leishmaniasis, LAMP assay for Leishmaniasis and following up on specific project activities for Chagas disease.

In parallel to her main professional activity, she is the board president of a non-profit organization promoting education and sustainable development forest day care. Since he joined, he has contributed to the development of a highly sensitive malaria rapid diagnostic test and is working on several initiatives to improve diagnostic solutions for Plasmodium vivax detection.Morey is an electronic manufacturing services (EMS) and Contract Manufacturer who brings innovation to the electronics market with.

As CEO of FIND since JuneDr Catharina Boehme oversees the operations of the organization together with the assistance of the heads of programme and supporting staff. Evolution of competencies of logistics and supply chain managers.

By. Abstract. One new concept emerging in current business reality is a virtual supply chain. This paper indicates in what way a virtual supply chain, that is subject to constant changes, influences the requirements for competencies of managerial staff in that specific.

ń D.,Evolution of competencies of logistics and supply chain managers. LogForum 6, 3, 3.

The evolution of logistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM) in the s can be traced back to “physical distribution management” in the s when there was no coordination among the various functions of an organization, and each was committed to attain its own goal.

Top companies are learning that third-party logistics service providers can improve their bottom line by allowing them to focus on their own core competencies. In order to understand what a 3PL can do for your business, let’s first take a brief look at the evolution of 3PLs and then discuss how 3PL can solve some common problems.

Evolution of competencies of logistics and
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