Effects of air pollution in delhi

The wind directs the smoke towards Delhi and worsens the already polluted atmospheric air.

Nearly 15,000 premature deaths due to air pollution in Delhi: study

Benzene Both toxic and carcinogenic. Impairs liver and kidney, causes brain damage in children resulting in lower I. It is because of the reduced green cover over Delhi.

Drink lots of water to flush out the toxins from the body. Install air purifiers in your homes and offices. Any value over is hazardous.

The Chief Minister of Delhi compared the city to a gas chamber stating that this was a common problem every year. In spite of this, the air pollution due to vehicular emission is tremendous.

There is already evidence of a spectrum of health problems, ranging from allergies and respiratory conditions, malformations, growth restrictions and even an increasing incidence of cancers, all of which could be related to increased pollution.

Lack of political priority. They had to face such an unprecedented situation. It reduces visibility to a great extent. As it is, the quality of outdoor air is pure. The rampant increase in the construction activity adds to the problems.

The reasons behind the worsening air are manyfold — more than 8m vehicles on the roads already, with 1, new ones added every day. The hospitals in Delhi were full of such patients. It was 48 times more than the guideline value.

The quality of air was so bad that it nearly resulted in the abandonment of a cricket Test Match. Have air purifying plants like aloe vera and English Ivy in your house.

Causes of Air pollution in Delhi Burning of crops The primary cause of air pollution is the burning of crops by the farmers from the neighbouring states of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. The dust particles get trapped in the cold and damp air thereby affecting weather conditions.

According to said experts this is the equivalent of smoking 45 to 50 cigarettes a day. The National Disaster Management Authority NDMA issues firm guidelines for people to follow and protect themselves against the hazardous impact of air pollution and smog. The burning of plants and the onset of winter coincided to create this worst situation.

Air quality in Delhi

It entails that the air was three times dangerous. The worst is not over. Construction activity The NCR and its neighbourhood has seen tremendous construction activity in recent times. Traffic pollution Delhi has a high number of environmentally friendly CNG-run buses.about air pollution, international standards, & air quality in Delhi and India and what you can do to make informed decisions, protect your family, & get involved.

Delhi air pollution: What are its harmful effects on health, and how to cope with it

Effects of Air Pollution in Delhi Air supplies us with oxygen which is essential for our bodies to live. Air is 9% nitrogen, oxygen, water vapor and inert gases.

Causes of Air pollution in Delhi Effects of Air Pollution on Human Health – Kills 7 Million a Year! Indoor Air pollution – Causes & Ways to Decrease! What is Air Quality Index & Air Quality Alert; Activated Carbon Filter – Working & usage in Air Conditioners, Air Purifiers!

Underlying causes of Delhi’s air pollution problems Date: (attributed to the effects of pollution) draws outside polluted air into the city centre, whilst windy, dusty conditions during.

The air quality in Delhi, Effects of poor air quality ways to protect and tackle air pollution in Delhi, of groups most exposed and most responsible; in order to decrease pollution and exposure or impact on those most exposed and vulnerable.

Effects of Air Pollution in Delhi

Major incidents. Jul 14,  · Nearly 15, people died prematurely in Delhi due to pollution by fine particulate matter inaccording to a new study which ranked the national capital third in a list of cities reporting Author: PTI.

Effects of air pollution in delhi
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