Crystal report custom paper size c guitar

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Nov 17,  · My problem is when I run report from, Crystal report viewer showing correct preview for custom paper size but when I give print command it's print default printer paper size e.g Letter size Here's the code I'm using to print. I have set Crystal report page size as A4 in Crystal reports page setup.

If i select A5 in printer settings does that. Crystal Reports Printing. Ask Question. Adjusting Crystal Reports fields based on paper size. 0. Yes Relayer George Marino Remaster CD Atlantic USA Release New Sealed: USD $ Yes, Relayer,Atlantic Records- Japan Warner-Pioneer, P.

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Hi, I have problem of Custom paper size * in my crystal report. I have developed in VS and it working fine in my local but after i deploy in II7 server its taking default letter size, my code for custom size is as below.

Crystal report custom paper size c guitar
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