Cooking in paper french term

Cocotte a Oeuf An individual porcelain egg dish. Legumes et Pommes de Terre Indicates vegetables and potatoes. Zuppe Italian term indicating the soup section on a menu. Ballotine Fish, meat or poultry that has been boned, stuffed, rolled and tied in a bundle.

This requires boiling the vegetables in water for about minutes and then immediately putting the vegetables in a bath of ice water. Baron Legs with the loins attached. Croustade Bread piece dipped in butter and baked until it is crisp. Used as a thickener for sauces, or as a binding agent for stuffing.

Tammy An extremely fine woollen strainer. Paysanne Literally means in a county style, usually vegetables cut into 15mm round or square shapes. Beurre Manie An equal quantity of flour and butter, rubbed together and used for thickening sauces Bien Cuit Well cooked.

Also a tool used for making holes in casks. Glaze To coat with melted butter, jelly or sauce. Fourre Stuffed with a filing, for example an omelette. Nouvelle Cuisine A term that refers to the style of cooking that features lighter dishes with lighter sauces and very fresh ingredients.

Rissoler To bake or fry sharply to a brown colour. Derived from the old English word siftan. Desosser To bone, the removal of bones from meat, poultry, etc. Cooked on a thick hardwood plank. Cuisine Minceur A low-calorie form of French cooking. To rub on a grater that separates the food in various sizes of bits or shreds.

Feuillete A puff pastry case cut into a diamond, round, square or triangular shape. Also to be shaped or coloured like a nut. Quenelle Minced fish or meat mixture that is formed into small shapes and poached.

Garni A French term indicating garnished. To destroy micro organisms by boiling, dry heat, or steam. Bonbon A sweet confection; something that is sweet. Apparell A culinary term for a prepared mixture ready for further processing. To cover any hot or cold food with a sauce or jelly.

When hot it is held over the food to produce a brown or caramelized surface. To separate and remove solids from a liquid, thus making it clear. Second in command, French for underling, one beneath. To immerse in rapidly boiling water and allow to cook slightly.

French Cooking Terms G to Z

Batarde The French term for butter sauce. A type of appetizer.

Available with a variety of either sweet or savoury fillings. Hure The cooked head of a pig or boar. It can also refer to boneless rack of lamb that is rolled, tied and cut into rounds.

The French word for "to grill. Chiffonade Rolling up herbs, or leafy greens like spinach and cutting them into very fine shreds. Antipasti Food served at the beginning of an Italian meal, either as a starter or as a snack.French cooking terms. Macédoine. A salad of small pieces of mixed vegetables or fruit.

Cooking In Paper

Papillote is a wrapping of parchment paper around fish or meat used for cooking. The paper is used to retain moisture. A French term describing dishes in which the food is stuffed, folded, or placed in layers.

Cooking In Paper cooking information, facts and recipes. Sometimes referred to as cooking en papillote, a French term meaning in paper, this technique involves the placing of food into a parchment cooking paper or a foil packet, sealing it, and then cooking the contents.

The second half of our complete food dictionary of French cooking terms. This French cooking dictionary will come in handy many times.

Even those of us who just watch cooking shows get thrown a French term here and there. A wrapping of parchment paper around fish or meat used for cooking. The paper retains moisture in the food. En papillote: Refers to food that is wrapped in parchment paper or foil so it will cook in its own steam.

Flambé(r): A method of brûléeing food by adding alcohol (usually brandy) and then lighting it on fire to burn out the alcohol. Fondre (fondue): The French word for "to melt." The past participle form, "fondue" usually refers to melted cheese or chocolate that is used as a communal condiment. French Culinary-Baking Terms.

From the French word carta meaning ‘paper’. Cassolette A small china container or pot, usually heatproof, used for serving one portion of fine ragouts, Tomber des Legumes A French term describing the cooking of prepared vegetables in water and butter. From the French word for "crust." Term used to describe any oven-baked dish--usually cooked in a shallow oval gratin dish--on which a golden brown crust of .

Cooking in paper french term
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