Compare and contrast romeo and juliet essay

While Mercutio is relaxing on the beach with friends, Tybalt arrives dressed in what a typical biker would wear, while Mercutio is adorn in laidback beach attire. Plus, I do appreciate the fact that the movie actually follows the play, unlike other movie productions of stories.

Mercutio dies on the beach while Romeo watches. One thing that the movie and the play collaborated together, were the props and scenes. Therefore when Balthasar tells Romeo that his beloved Juliet is dead, Romeo goes into self-destruct mode and purchases poison from a man of medicine.

Romeo and Juliet Compare and Contrast Essay

Romeo just shows up with the poison. Paris has his page keeping watch for anyone who might approach. Maria wears a red dress to symbolize that she belongs to the Sharks. Aside from the moods of the play, some of the plot details have been left out in both the movie production and the play.

Also Juliet succeeds in fooling everyone that she is dead in every version. A devastated Juliet tries to use the poison on herself, but Romeo had used it all.

Celebrated as one of the greatest dramas of all time, Romeo and Juliet depicts a tragedy of two lovers who come from feuding families. In all three of these movies, the two main characters families despise each other. If Juliet would have taken the sleeping potion a minute earlier, the two lovers could have been together.

Gnomeo then sees a wall and tells Tybalt to stop. In the other films the Capulets are angered at Romeo, but do not go after him. Another big difference is Juliet saw Romeo die in the modern version.

The plot details in the scenes seemed pretty constant overall. Their families hate each other like in the original playbut that does not stop them from being together.

She takes the gun in her hand, raises it to her head, and pulls the trigger. In Gnomeo and Juliet, Benny, who is meant to be Mercutio, does not die. Romeo got dizzy for a minute at the party and then he was fine. Instead, they live happily ever after, like many love stories.

The director chose to not have Benny die because they wanted the film to be targeted towards kids. The fight is over which gang has more dominance, much like the feud between the two families in the original play.

In the dialogue of marriage in the play, Romeo and Juliet are serious and sedate. The viewers would be confused at a point when watching the play because they would not know if Romeo and Juliet get married or not. This is supposed to symbolize the death of Mercutio.

This causes the red hats to chase Gnomeo into the street. Discovering that the figure was Paris, Romeo is remorseful. She picks up the gun beside her and shoots herself in the head.

This film interprets this scene differently than the other movies do. The new movie used special effects to make up for the lack of good acting. By compressing all the events of the love story into just a few days, Shakespeare adds weight to every moment, and gives the sense that the action is happening so quickly that characters barely have time to react, and, by the end, that matters are careening out of control.

In a marriage, the bride and groom are to be calm and patient because it is an important step in their lives, and the play shows this kind of character. The play does a good job of explaining why Romeo was upset with Rosaline.Romeo and Juliet; Study Questions; Romeo and Juliet by: William Shakespeare Compare and contrast the characters of Romeo and Juliet.

How do they develop throughout the play? the brilliant, earthy, and unconventional Mercutio is probably incomprehensible. (It might be interesting to compare Mercutio’s comments about. Free Essay: Movie Compare and Contrast There are many similarities and differences between the sixties version of Romeo and Juliet and the modern version of.

” Romeo and Juliet is a tragic play written in the 16th century by William Shakespeare. The tragedy tells a legend about two young lovers who come from long-rivaling families. InFranco Zeffirelli made this play into a movie, after realizing the. Compare and Contrast “Romeo and Juliet” is a story about two star crossed lovers who meet by fate.

This great piece of literature written, by William Shakespeare will be compared with Baz Lurman’s rendition of “Romeo and Juliet”.

Romeo and Juliet: Compare and Contrast

Compare and contrast of Romeo and Juliet and Gnomeo and Juliet Essay  Compare and Contrast of Romeo and Juliet and Gnomeo and Juliet The film, Gnomeo and Juliet, is similar to, yet different from the play,” Romeo and Juliet ”. Get an answer for 'In Romeo and Juliet, what are the differences and similarities between the characters of Romeo and Juliet?

In contrast, in.

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Compare and contrast romeo and juliet essay
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