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A number of energy alternatives are available: While we want to have every student continue to Catholic essay contest and enjoy the opportunity to write and learn more about history, we are asking the teachers to select the best 5 essays for submission.

A Catholic essay contest where only a few people have access to energy sources, for example my experience growing up in Kaduna where some suffered the harmful effect of fossil fuels burned by others, is a violation of this supposed inalienable dignity.

If my neighbour in Kaduna had truly understood this principle of solidarity, and had used energy sources such as solar or wind, I would still not have had power in my apartment, but I would not have suffered the inconvenience and toxicity of the noise and fumes of gasoline powered generators.

But, I, or any other, dared not complain. For some, the Church has no business with the source of power generation or provision. Only a few could afford generators and have their houses powered. Solar radiation is the largest energy flow entering the terrestrial ecosystem.

Essays that are suspected of plagiarism will be disqualified.

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Nigeria, like many sub-Saharan African States, lies within a high sunshine belt and possesses enormous potential for solar energy. This could be a war, a single battle in a war, a plague, the coronation of a king, the passage of a law or decree, an ecumenical council, a revolution, an invention, a birth or death, a marriage, etc.

Choose a country other than your home country, that you would like to visit. For the high school divisions, essays should be at least words, but no more than 2, words.

Today in Kaduna, as in many parts of Nigeria, the primary source of energy generation is crude oil. This is not an experience particular to me or my family; it was also the experience of others living in the same compound, in other compounds, and indeed the length and breadth of Nigeria.

The price of solar energy relative to traditional fuels has steadily dropped, and if environmental concerns are factored into the cost, solar power would already be significantly cheaper. Any form of environmental degradation or plundering constitutes an act of injustice.

Obviously, fossil fuels, the chief source of energy in Nigeria for instance, fall short of these requisites. Essays should be typed, double spaced, 11 pt in Times New Roman font. He recommended interdependence and solidarity as the panacea for poverty and social injustice.

Considering this and the danger posed by the use of fossil fuels, alternative forms of energy will be needed to fuel industrial production and transportation. For further questions please email: Apparently, from the available facts and data, it is possible to generate annually over one hundred times the current grid electricity consumption level in Nigeria from solar radiation, without having to jeopardize the ecosystem or deplete the source.

But for any energy to guarantee sustainable development, it has to be available, reliable, affordable, economically viable, socially acceptable and environmentally friendly. However, the teaching of the Catholic Church on energy is predicated on the immense dignity of the human person created in the image of God, exalted a little less than the angels and crowned with glory and honor.

Download the form to your computer and then fill it out. The Church does not stand aside in any matter that has the human person as the subject.

Provision of energy is an important dimension to upholding this dignity. He calls all men to conversion; a change of behavior or mentality or mode of behavior.

We will continue to send a letter thanking every member of the class for participating. John Paul II, in the encyclical Sollicitudo Rei Socialis, among other things raises concern about selfishness, individualism, injustice, different forms of imperialism and political shortsightedness that have impeded economic development and subjected the poor at the margins of the society.

Also, due to corruption and a dysfunctional refinery systemthe cost of gasoline and other crude oil products are on the high side and can only be afforded by the rich.Answers from our student essay contest winners. Northwest Catholic’s fifth annual student essay contest asked students at Western Washington’s 74 Catholic schools to answer the question “How can you share Jesus with others?” The essays were judged by a panel drawn from the staffs of Northwest Catholic, the archdiocesan Office for Catholic.

Sarah Niblock of St. Pius X Catholic High School in Kansas City, Missouri, is the winner of the Society’s second annual Essay Scholarship Contest for Catholic college students and will receive a $5, scholarship toward her education at Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, California.

GOAL The goal of the Catholic Citizenship Essay Contest is to give students an opportunity to define the role of a Catholic citizen in many different scenarios, and to.


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Promote the Catholic Citizenship Essay in your parish and larger community through a variety of efforts: Advertise at Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) meetings, in parish halls, and especially in local Catholic schools.

The Potentials Of Renewable Energy For Sustainable Development: A Reflection On The Basis Of Church’s Energy Ethics. This essay was awarded first place in the Catholic Seminarian Essay Contest on Renewable Energy contest inwhich was co-organized by The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development and the Salesian .

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