Busy airport terminal

He explained how he flew the plane with a control stick. We saw the lights flashing on the tips of the wings of the plane. Our next destination was the viewing gallery.

They had almost everything starting from pizzas, burgers, doughnuts, sandwiches to wafers, juices, tea, coffee and soft drinks. Few days back we were taken from school to see this airport.

We heard voices at short intervals announcing the arrival, departure or delay of flights and at times asking passengers to proceed towards a particular gate for security check.

A bus dropped passengers near the aircraft, and then they proceeded to climb the stairs leading into the aircraft. Just short of the runway it stopped and a light came on the front of the plane.

The ambience was very impressive. The assortment of snacks on display drew our attention. The plane started to move again, this time with more speed.

It was a busy time of the day. The viewing gallery had sound-proof glass on one side and rows of chairs for people to sit and watch. The gift shops in the airport were well stocked with books, toys, chocolates and knick-knacks.

We saw numerous X-ray machines scanning the baggage of passengers. We could hardly contain our excitement as we raced up the stairs.

We could faintly hear the rumbling noise of the aircraft engine. There were many children also. There were a large number of people with baggage in tow, some standing in queue before ticket counters, some proceedings towards different numbered gates.

The door of the aircraft closed and the plane started to move towards the runway. After a while it appeared like a giant bird in the sky.The scene in a busy airport terminal Essay Sample.

The roar of aircraft engines drowns out the sounds of excitement from the car park. Fumes from the cars pollute the surrounding air, overshadowing the smell of freshly cut grass. Save Money on Airport Parking We offer convenient, on-airport parking.

Save money by reserving your parking in advance through our Prepaid Discount Parking Program. Richard Scarry Airport Game Busy Busy Airport is a bit unique as it uses the bottom half of the box as the board for the game. All you have to do is put together a simple air traffic control tower and the four airplanes.

Even without the instructions it is a snap. The concept is even simpler/5(). Words Essay on A Visit to the Airport School bus dropped us at the domestic terminal.

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We formed a queue and entered the airport, trying not to come in the way of passengers. It was a busy time of the day.

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There were a large number of people with baggage in tow, some standing in queue before ticket counters, some proceedings towards. Free busy airport terminal papers, essays, and research papers. May 18,  · I'm writing an essay, and I need to describe a busy airport terminal.

But i shouldn't tell a story, just describing my surroundings, such as, loud children, unsatisfied customers,customs and so on. someone help please?Status: Resolved.

Busy airport terminal
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