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This calculation is very computer-intensive. BIS, however, is not explicitly endorsed. The BIS monitor thus gives the anesthetist an indication of how "deep" under anesthesia the patient is. A BIS value between 40 and 60 indicates an appropriate level for general anesthesiaas recommended by the manufacturer.

However, a monitor of the central nervous system may be more appropriate for monitoring consciousness. The bispectral index is a statistically based, empirically derived complex parameter.

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It is a weighted sum of several electroencephalographic subparameters, including a time domainfrequency domainand high order spectral subparameters. The recent availability of cheap, fast computer processors has enabled great advances in this field.

The FDA further stated in that " Relevance[ edit ] The BIS is an electroencephalogram-derived multivariant scale that correlates with the metabolic rate of glucose. Several other systems claim to be able to perform the same thing.

Therefore, although the principles of BIS and Bis 100 monitors are well known, the exact method used in each case is not. BIS monitoring is also being used during transport of critically ill patients in ambulanceshelicopters and other vehicles.

This is used in conjunction with other physiologic monitoring such as electromyography to estimate the depth of anesthesia in order to minimize the possibility of intraoperative awareness. In some cases, the BIS may underestimate the depth of anesthesia, leading the anesthetist to administer a higher than necessary dose of anesthetic agent s.

Overall, there is a change from higher-frequency signals to lower-frequency signals which can be shown by Fourier analysisand there is a tendency for signal correlation from different parts of the cortex to become more random. Aspect Medical was acquired by Covidien in When a subject is awake, the cerebral cortex is very active, and the EEG reflects vigorous activity.

Some studies show a greater incidence of intra-operative awareness in children, when compared to adults. Four studies 26, patients compared BIS monitoring with end tidal anaesthetic gas ETAG monitoring as a guide to management of anaesthesia and they did not demonstrate any difference in terms of intraoperative awareness".

When asleep or under general anesthesia, the pattern of activity changes. The developers of the BIS monitor collected many around EEG records from healthy adult volunteers at specific clinically important end points and hypnotic drug concentrations.

In such cases, the patient may be anesthetized to a lower BIS level than is necessary for the surgery or procedure—this is called "treating the BIS", and may result in a deeper level of anesthesia than required.

A reduction in awareness provides a public health benefit, in that BIS technology can now provide anesthestists with a way to reduce this often debilitating, yet preventable medical error".

In fact, they cite an American Society of Anesthesiologists ASA statement saying that the decision for cerebral function monitoring should be made on an individual basis. Some conscious patients who are administered neuromuscular blocking agents such as succinylcholine may have low bispectral index scores; thus, the BIS may fail to detect consciousness in such patients.Bispectral index (BIS) is one of several technologies used to monitor depth of anesthesia.

BIS monitors are used to supplement Guedel's classification system for determining depth of anesthesia. Titrating anesthetic agents to a specific bispectral index during general anesthesia in adults. Here is the best resource for homework help with BIS Business Information Systems at Curtin University Sarawak.

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Bispectral index

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