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SoundCloud and Slideshare were two of the biggest parts of our research and planning, alongside WordPress and the internet. The colours have been used specifically as these match the nearby uniform of the male character in the central image. Many websites have animated features to attract the users.

The main image on the cover is the lower part of man taking a bow on stage at curtain call. I also used gutter lines to allow for the cutting process when it is printed. Similarly to this, the strapline is used to intrigue people into wanting to watch the film more. The track list is given on the back with everything in a bold and white serif font except the names of the featuring artists which makes them stand out.

I chose a colour palette of dark grey, inkeeping with my poster, white and a dark pink. As you can see, at the bottom are the links to social networks: This is the banner for the top of my magazine, I chose a simple yet effective font, which will appeal to people and make them want to read it.

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I decided to use a colour A2 media studies coursework blog of dark greys, black and white, I did this because they generally together look quite dismal and this has connotations of sadness, death and loss. The formation of the band is very significant in the rock genre as there is mostly a set formation that most bands adhere to.

The central image consists of a main character from the featured film, on this particular one it is Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. The colour scheme is similar to the featured articles as it is yellow however instead of white it is black as white juxtaposes with the character of Jack Sparrow, whereas black represents him better.

I think it works very well, as the banner and the very beginning of the gradient glow diffuse together and then as it passes beneath the Empire masthead it accentuates the drop-shadow.

This amplifies the beat because the viewer subconsciously notices the link. The original drafts were a lot less impressive when we made them with simple techniques, but as we learned more about how GIMP worked, we were able to create a more engaging digipack and advert.

However, Lohan has a soft, frightened and confused look which suggests her being the heroine in the film. They have used a larger font size to feature well-known celebrity names as this makes the film seem A2 media studies coursework blog a better quality to potential viewers.

Like all of the videos I have deconstructed, London Calling is almost solely performance based. The login and signup option was added which would allow users to log in and access information and features not available to non-members.

Question 2 "How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? The second largest font on the page is the that of the featured celebrity names, by making these noticeable to the viewer of the poster, it makes the film seem more high-end.

There is a white and grey banner across the bottom, giving extra inside information that may be of interest to the person reading the magazine cover, it is white so that it stands out against the darkness of the background.

I again, made my magazine upto professional standards by applying gutter areas which would be cut off in the printing process to allow for correct sizing and keeping of all content and I also applied the colour chart in the top right-hand corner to allow for ink colour checks whilst the printing process is underway.

I wanted the featured articles to be of women as people that are attracted to the lead article would probably be women therefore the featured articles would appeal to them.

The connotations also of the song being very inherently about a British city shows their heritage as being a British punk-rock band one of the first hugely influential British punk-rock bandswhich would promote not only the band but many other British bands.

This is the first of my central images, it is a medium shot of a girl in basic everyday clothing, looking up and to the left. They both give a very powerful and strong impression of the character on the front cover. There are other featured articles, these have yellow and white font as this helps them to stand out against the dark background.

This is because we could upload our research to share onto WordPress for the examiner, and it meant that everything was done digitally, saving us from losing any work on paper.Done with the Digipak and the music video time has come to start making our music website.

I did a detailed research on online tools available for making your own customizable websites. OCR A2 Media Studies Coursework Blog Tuesday, 18 October Ancillary Texts. This is a film poster for the film 'Mean Girls'.

The masthead is in two different font types: Arial Black and Arial. The whole of the coursework is out of marks, there are three aspects to the coursework. 1) Research and Planning- 20% (Blog) This must demonstrate my interests and the.

Below are some samples of our target audience feedback interviews and a short video with one of our actors to find out his thoughts too. The feedback showed that our music video mostly stuck to the ideas we wanted to keep, such as portraying the music not the artist and that the punk-rock image was one of modern punk not the older style.

The music video here is very similar to the other two I have deconstructed, sharing the same genre characteristics, as Goodwin claims in feature one of his music video characteristics.

Media Studies Coursework blog for A2 levels Media Studies. Welcome to my blog for my A2 Media Studies Coursework!


I hope you enjoy browsing through my work! Tuesday, 30 April This is the response that my media studies class had after the initial viewing, also grading my video on it's performance, I have to say that the.

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